Rugged manual thermoprobe

Rugged manual thermopobe TS-160 is mostly suitable for measuring temperature in compost piles in process of composting. It is also suitable for measuring temperatures in other dense (dry, humid or aggressive) materials - for example in a silage, hay, wood chips, mud...
Display, power-button and battery are located on the handle.

Technical data
Description Value
Length 160 cm
Temperature range 0-99°C
Rugged housing IP65
Tempeature display digital (LED)
Power supply battery-pack
Calibration option yes
How to use it?

Rugged manual thermoprobe TS-160 is very simple to use.
After inserting the probe into material it is necessary to wait the temperature to stabilize. When the pushbutton in the handle is pushed, the temperature is displayed for some seconds. 

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