Self-service beer-dispensing system

We produced a self-service beer-dispensing system with 8 units for the local LaCantina Center in Maribor.
All necessary software for system operation and control with integration of contacless cards was developed.
Contactless cards are used to enable dispensing for stuff and guests. 
Degustation  cards, beer-packages and gift-cards are available to customers, so they can get the beer by themself.

"PIPE" software application for beer-dispensing self-service

Application "PIPEmcu" is main controlling unit for driving beer-dispensing self-service. It coordinates work of beer-dispensing units and contacless readers. 
User can monitor  parameters and important information about system operation on the big screen, functions for updating parameters and service functions (temporary disable device...) are also available. 

Application "PIPEcpc" is used for encoding contactless cards and checking the content of contactless card.
Functions for statistic information and reports are also included (number of created cards, amount of beer..).

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Beer-dispensing system QuickTap

Out company participated in development of mobile quick beer-dispensing unit in the field of electronics and software components.

System is most suitable for quick delivery large amount of beer (big events).

One of the components is keyboard with touch-graphic display, where all relevant information is presented and allows simple update of device parameters.

Controling unit is managed by application on single-board computer with Linux OS. Aplication manages communication with keyboards, nozzle-move and other hardware components.
Web server is also installed on mini-computer, which enables connection into LAN. Remote control of the system and parameters setup is possible from remote PC.