System for monitoring temperatures in compost piles

To provide the best quality of compost with pathogen removal, it is necessary to mantain high temperature inside the compost pile for a limited time.

KompoMER© is a reliable system for monitorig temperatures inside compost piles in a composting process. System was developed in our company, the first installation was performed in 1997. 

Application can be translated to any language.

System operation

Rugged wireless thermoprobes are used to collect temperatures, hardware equipment provides transfer to the application on PC.

Application performs automatic temperature control and keeps records of them. That makes job easier, eliminates errors, made by manual data capture and saves your time and money. Information can also be sent to web-application so composting process can be remotely monitored.

Temperature acquisition in system KompoMER© is performed automatically according to pre-defined parameters, all data is stored on the local computer.

System configuration

System KompoMER consists of::

  • rugged wireless thermometer probes,
  • hardware equipment for data acquisition,
  • sofware package for collecting data and presenting it in graphic and tabular form,
  • weather station (optional),
  • internet and intranet application for monitoring and managment of the system (optional)
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