Programmable digital counter IDC53

Counter and digital position readout IDC53 calculates and shows measured position, counts produced pieces and controls output devices.
On the standard input of the device quadrature signals A,B,Z and negated A,B.Z are connected, for example incremental rotary encoders, linear magnetic encoders..

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Technical specification
Description Num
5 digit 7-segment LED display
for signed position display
3 digiti 7-segment LED display
 for menu or pieces display
 (for example number of pieces)
quadrature input (A, /A, B, /B, Z, /C) 1
digital isolated input 3
analog input (0V ÷ 10V) 1
relay output 1
OC (open collector) output 3
RS232 (option RS485) 1
dimension: 96 x 48 x 120 mm    
input device power supply   5V or 12V DC
main power supply 85V ÷ 165V AC

Counter functionality can be adapted to process demands with software upgrades.

  • preset value on start-up,
  • position of connecting relay output,
  • function of three-digit display,
  • function of Z signal (Ri - reference impulse),
  • counting direction,
  • luminosity of LED displays,
  • scaling factor (conversion pulses -> displayed value),
  • decimal point position.
Counter functions (basic version)
  • position calculation and display (linear - mm),
  • relative position display,
  • piece counter,
  • parameters settings,
  • communicating with PC.
Counter functions (custom versions)
  • position calculation and display (angle - degree)
  • counter,
  • temperature measurement and display,
  • speed measurement and display,
  • display only (display value of remote counter)
Aditional equipment

All standard shaft and linear encoders can be connected to IDC53.

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